Benefits of Car Wrapping

Car wrapping is perhaps one of the most cost effective and beneficial applications that can be utilized to enhance your vehicle.  Wrapping is essentially the process of applying graphics and/or an enhancing vinyl coating to a vehicle.  Vinyl wrapping can be applied to virtually any size or type of vehicle.  Vehicle graphics can be added to a vehicle as large as a bus or as small as an electric powered car.  Ace Tints professional car wrapping service is available to provide clients with the wealth of benefits that are obtained with this exciting application.

Perhaps the most essential aspect of vinyl wrapping is the fact that the process easily enhances the overall value of any vehicle that it is applied to.  The process of car wrapping entails adding vinyl panels that are either transparent or contains vehicle graphics to the outside surface of cars, trucks, boats or other modes of transportation.

This accomplishes one of two objectives:

First, if you are applying a typical wrapping film that is transparent, you will distinctly enhance your vehicles existing paint job.  Colours will become more vibrant and the vinyl wrapping will produce a natural shine apart from any type of waxing.  Secondly, if you choose to add colourful and imaginative car graphics, you could well increase the value of your vehicle by making it unique and stylish.  In either case, you are taking an existing asset and adding a component that will enhance its visual presentation.

Further, a vinyl wrapping will aptly add a layer of protection to existing paint jobs.   Ace Tint’s products from its car wrapping service help protect your vehicle from run of the mill damage (i.e. UV discolouration  weather, etc.).  This includes effective protection from minor scratches and dings from impact from objects like small rocks, road salt and the like.  Any damage to the car vinyl itself can simply be repaired by replacing the specific panel and not require a new (and expensive) paint job.

Speaking of paint jobs, Ace Tint’s car wrapping service and related products offer an affordable alternative to expensive vehicle paint jobs.  Especially in instances when car graphics are desired, the endeavour can be a costly one if the requirement is fulfilled by painting.  Additionally, paint jobs are permanent applications that can only be removed or undone by another equally expensive paint application.  Vinyl wrapping allows vehicle owners to accomplish the exact same task at a fraction of the cost.  Further, not only are car wrapping vehicle graphics as equally appealing as painted applications, but these vinyl wrappings are easily removed or replaced.

Perhaps one of the most advantageous benefits of Ace Tint’s car wrapping service and products is advertising.  Vinyl wrapping easily allows businesses to affix company logos and related graphics to any vehicle.  If one considers that a van wrapping, for example, on a single vehicle is estimated to garner 30,000 to 70,000 views in an urban area – then the visibility benefits to advertising are evident.  A single business related vehicle that has benefited from Ace Tint’s car wrapping service will increase their exposure significantly – without additional advertisement expenditures beyond the initial cost of the car wrapping process.

These are only some of the most relevant benefits that are obtained with Ace Tint’s car wrapping service and related products.  Our trained technicians and design specialist are on hand and prepared to provide professional expertise to meet your requirements.  Ace Tint’s continues to be one of the number one suppliers of vinyl wrapping and window tinting in the North West through our ability to provide our clients with the superior service they deserve.