Car Window Tinting, Does it have any practical use?

Car Window Tinting – Does it have any practical use?

Here at AceTints we use multi-layered film which protects your vehicles interior from the damaging effects of the sun. Some of these benefits for Car Window Tinting are:

Heat Reduction

A 60% heat reduction can be achieved with window tinting compared to untreated glass. Window films can help keep your vehicle cooler even during the peak summer times by reflecting the heat from your vehicle.

Reduces Fading

Some of the films used can block up to 99% of the sun’s harmful UV rays. By blocking the harmful rays and with the heat reduction this can reduce fading of the seats and carpets in your vehicle.

Protection from UV Rays

With 99% of the UV rays blocked with some of our films this will help to protect your skin and your children’s. Our window tinting films offer better protection than stick on screens or blinds that only offer limited protection to direct sunlight and can easily be removed by the children.

Glare Reduction

Our window tints can help reduce the glare from the sun, headlights and reflective surfaces helping make your driving safer.

Added Privacy and Security

Car Window Tinting provides extra privacy from prying eyes and the window film can also hold the glass together if it has been broken or shattered in an accident.


How do we do it?

We apply a special film to the inside of the glass. Unlike cheaper window films on the market our film is bonded to the glass and we also offer a 5 year guarantee on our work.


Can we tint all the windows?

By law we are not able to tint the window screen of your vehicle. We also don’t tint anything darker than 70% on the front windows. You can read more on the legal requirements here.


What can we tint?

We can tint pretty much anything, if its glass AceTints can tint it! We offer car window tinting, home window tinting, office window tinting and more. We also offer Spi Vision headlight tinting for a more custom and cool design.

Car Window Tinting

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