Commercial Window Tinting

Ace Tints are one of the leading window tinting specialists in the North West. We offer commercial window tinting services for office and business structures. The addition of privacy tinting is an ideal way of improving your business. Regardless of the type of commercial building, Ace Tints can provide window tints that will not only enhance the outward appearance of your business or office, but also present a number of additional benefits.

Commercial Window Tinting For Office Windows

Take a moment and consider a few of the advantages that are gained with commercial window tinting:
• Eliminate or significantly reduce the need for blinds or other expensive glare reduction mechanisms.
• Security Film tints enhance safety measures, as well as provide a significant degree of privacy.
• Reduces harmful UV exposure, which if prolonged, can not only fade coloring on office furnishings (requiring expensive replacement); but can also damage office equipment such as computer screens.
• Assist in maintaining a balanced climate controlled environment (and reduces energy costs through better energy efficiency)
• Provides a comfortable working environment for customers and employees alike.

The benefits of tinted windows cannot be overlooked. Window tinting applications are ideal for schools, offices, government buildings, and any type of commercial structure with windows. Plant machinery can also benefit from window tinting and can make it safer for the operator, if its glass then we can tint it.
The operative emphasis for any business or organization is practicality and cost effectiveness. Ace Tints provides every client with the best materials that afford the aforementioned benefits and more, all at a reasonable cost. We would be more than happy to come out to your business and provide you with a free estimation. A trained expert will be able to evaluate your commercial property and provide you with an accurate and fair estimation for the project.
Tell us what your requirements are. If you want to enjoy the advantages that window tinting provides and enhance your business in a very direct and cost-effective manner, then don’t hesitate to contact us. Our services cover Ormskirk, Wigan, Burscough, Liverpool, Maghull, Skelmersdale, Preston and the surrounding areas. Call us for a chat today – it’s one of the best business decisions you can make!