Professional and effective Car Wrapping

Why not transform your car or fleet of vehicles from an expense to an important part of your marketing campaign (or just because you want to!), with Car Wrapping from Ace Tints?

Available throughout the Liverpool, Southport and Wigan areas, we are proud to be able to offer our customers our new professional vehicle wrapping service; the very latest trend for both changing the colour of your vehicle or for advertising purposes.

A much cheaper alternative to a re-spray, and with no design limitations when it comes to our car wrapping services, we have one goal and one goal only- to help you to make the right choice when you decide that you want to have your car wrapped.

And, as a locally owned and operated company built on many years of industry experience, our experienced car wrapping specialists are all you need for peace of mind that your car or vehicle wrap will look both visually stunning and aesthetically pleasing.

Whether you what to focus on your branding, make a statement about your next promotion or be bold and show everyone your sense of personal taste,  we listen to what you want and then show you the best car Wrapping options available, whether you live in Liverpool, Southport or Wigan.

With a career spanning many years, our skills have grown with ever changing times and have evolved to now feature large format digital print graphics and our experience has allowed us to focus on specialist areas throughout the region.

So what are some of the main benefits of choosing Ace Tints for your car wrapping needs?

That one is simple to answer.

When you get your car professionally wrapped by us you instantly reduce the risk of stone chips damaging your paint work as our carefully applied wrapping acts as a protective layer against such eventualities. Of course, should any major damage to your car occur, you can rest assured that getting the wrap replaced will be a much cheaper option than getting a complete new paint spray job.

Plus, if you are considering changing the colour of your vehicle then you need to seriously consider vehicle wrapping. It is not only a cheaper alternative to getting your vehicle re-sprayed but is also much quicker as the wraps can be added over the top of the existing vehicle panels without the need to remove them. This means that there are no awkward periods while we wait for the panels to dry, because all of our carefully selected wraps are instant, hassle free and painless for all involved!
Priding ourselves of being able to offer a complete car wrapping service throughout the Liverpool, Wigan and Southport areas, we:

*Begin with your initial design concept- or a design you have already decided on, discuss it and then plan the best route forward.

*Use our experience and expert knowledge to maximise the impact your design will have once wrapped around your car or chosen vehicle.

* Help you to select the most suitable car wrap material for your requirements and budget.

* Professionally apply the car wrap with our highly experienced and enthusiastic team.

Of course, for those wanting to be kept in the loop with new and updated options for car wraps, our team here at Ace Tints work closely with vinyl manufacturers and suppliers to ensure we are kept up to date with new mediums and applications available in Liverpool, Wigan and Southport and ideal for the regions climate!

We strongly believe that choosing the right car wrap is as easy as talking with our specialist team as we will run through the impact you would like to create and provide you with advice on the best options available for your ideas.

So why wait?

Whether you live in Wigan, Southport or Liverpool, Ace Tints will always deliver a high quality product, installed by experienced installers; always. Our products will always reflect the quality and workmanship we stand by so call 01695 575914 today to discuss your car wrapping needs and be sure to get your message across, whatever it is!