Car Wrapping Application

Ace Tints, one of the leading providers of privacy tinting and window tinting services in the North West, continues to offer clients the best and most popular vehicular applications available on the market. Our newest offering is our car wrapping serviceCar wraps, also known as vehicle wrap, is the process of applying detailed graphics and images to vehicles.  Essentially any type and sized vehicle can be subjected to the wrapping process.  Car, vans, trucks, boats, busses and the like can all be customised with personalised vehicle graphics to give it a decorative flair that is distinctly your own.  And, as the name implies, the process can cover the entire surface of a vehicle, producing very imaginative and unique designs.  Ace Tints is readily available to apply this exciting car wrapping service to your vehicle.

The process begins with a design phase.  Interestingly, this can often be the most difficult part of the entire procedure.  This phase entails conceptualizing the scope and design of the car graphics you want to appear on the vehicle.  Our graphic designers will work with clients to bring your vision to life.  Factors such as the complexity of the car graphics design and the type of vehicle you want to apply the design to must be taken into consideration.  When a concept has been completed, a proof or mockup is produced to provide a visual representation of the finished product.  Once this is approved by the client and finalized, the next phase of printing can begin.

With the approved conceptual design in hand, our vehicle graphics production specialists will produce customized panels that are based on the templates that the designers have created.  The conceptual design is transferred to these large sheets of vinyl which are printed out into smaller segmented panels for easier installation by technicians.  These vinyl sheets are one of the reasons that this application is also referred to as vinyl wrapping.  In order to create vibrant and visually pleasing wraps, cast lamination and top quality inks are utilized.  A professionally installed wrap will remain visually capturing for several years.

Once the panels have been created and printed, the final step is to install vehicle graphics.  As we noted previously, virtually any type and sized vehicle can have a wrap applied to it.  From the entire surface of a tractor trailer to a bus to the smallest of electric cars; Ace Tints car wrapping service is available for application.  Our trained graphic installers will take the produced graphic panels and align them on the target vehicle, producing the conceptual design brought to life.  A heating tool is utilized to position the vinyl wrapping panels correctly and stretch them into place on the vehicle.  Additional tools are used to remove air bubbles, creating a finish that resembles a detailed paint job.  The final product is a vehicular canvas that contains a graphic mosaic that is sure to please.

Car wrapping is an exciting application that not only adds visual enhancement to vehicles, but is also an affordable means of adding advertisement to vehicular assets.  Adding car graphics in this manner is a straightforward process and is generally completed within 3 to 5 days.  The trained professionals at Ace Tints will apply their expertise to provide superior quality car wrapping service that is guaranteed to meet your requirements – every time!