Ace Tint’s Car Wrapping and Vehicle Graphics service provides clients with professionally applied vehicle graphics and vinyl wrapping applications. Our trained specialists are prepared to assist you in designing an appealing visual presentation for your vehicle. Whether your requirements are business or personal, Ace Tint’s is equipped to provide you the service that will satisfy your needs. We can accomplish this by providing a wide array of Vehicle Graphics and options for every client.

Vinyl Lettering – Similar to a partial wrapvinyl lettering is a method in which only minimal graphics such as a business logo, title, phone number, etc. is displayed. These types of applications are typically affixed to side doors, bonnets, and other highly visible areas. This a very affordable means of advertising and much more cost-effective than accomplishing the same task with a paint job

Partial Wrap – a partial vinyl wrap allows for targeted application of graphics on a vehicle. This method allows for specific areas of a vehicle to feature the desired vehicle graphics. This can include roof wrapping or mirror wrapping, for example. This can be a particularly desired option for advertisement purposes if a more graphic mosaic is not in line with business requirements.

Full Wrap – A full wrap is one that covers the entire surface of the target vehicle. These applications are among the most visually pleasing and often have striking vehicle graphics. These wraps can feature such options as matte colour palates and glossy enhancements to existing paint jobs. Colourful presentations are the hallmark of this technique.

Within in these categories, clients will find that Ace Tint’s is able to customise your needs into Vehicle Signs that is sure to please. This can include even the window of your vehicle. Utilising a vinyl wrapping consisting of perforated film, we can apply desired vehicle graphics that do not otherwise limit driving visibility. When applied to a full wrap application, this technique allows for a fuller and unbroken montage.
Only your imagination will limit the possibilities of Ace Tint’s car wrapping service and products. We can:

  • Produce stunning racing graphics – this can be anything from colourful flames that flow the entire length of the body of the vehicle, to bold and colourful racing stripes.

  • Use Vehicle Graphics  to display desired business related information. The possibilities for advertising are limitless. We can provide Vehicle Signs that reproduce company logos or design a graphic that exemplifies what your business does visually.

  • Apply Van Wrapping that graphically displays business montages and orientation in imaginative and unique fashion. With larger vehicles, the graphic possibilities increase. The increased size of the surface area allows for entire mosaics.

  • Apply colour wraps that can effectively alter the current colour of a vehicle or enhance the existing paint job. Ace Tint’s vinyl wrapping technique allows us to completely change the colour of a vehicle without resorting to a paint job. There is also the option of applying an enhancing wrap that will produce a lasting sheen to your existing paint job.

    It should be noted as well that a colour wrap is easily removed, which provides for an affordable means to change vehicle colour absent expensive paint applications.
  • Apply carbon wrappingcarbon wrapping, relative to vinyl wrapping, is an additional application that uses carbon fibre instead of vinyl to produce elegant vehicle finishes. Carbon wrapping is becoming increasingly popular and provides vehicles with a distinctive look.


Ace Tint’s makes use of all of these materials and more in order to provide clients with the best Vehicle Signs and products available in Ormskirk, Southport, Liverpool, Wigan, Skelmersdale and the rest of the North West. Our Vehicle Graphics are sure to meet whatever requirements you have in a manner that is visually pleasing, affordable and beneficial.