Window Tinting, for your home, office or car

Ace Tints; experts in Window Tinting, for your home, office or car throughout Liverpool, Southport, Ormskirk and Wigan.

Whatever your Window Tinting requirements, Ace Tints based in Ormskirk have it covered.

Servicing the whole of the Liverpool, Southport and Wigan areas, we are, and always have been, committed to offering our customers high quality window tinting, whether it be car window tinting, home window tinting, privacy window tinting, commercial window tinting or even tinting of your car head lights!

Becoming a popular addition within the domestic, commercial and car window environment, window tinting is an aesthetically pleasing add-on, is undisruptive to install, maintenance free, highly efficient and also cost effective.

Another huge advantage is the fact that window tints are suitable for cars, boats, plant equipment, conservatories, houses, offices, commercial premises, schools, skylights, partitions and polycarbonate roofs, for example.

You can be rest assured that our carefully selected, industry leading films not only improve the aesthetics of your property but offer incredible optical clarity, superior heat and glare reduction and a lifetime of benefits, including increased security from intruders and rejection of harm UV rays, to name but a few.

But why chose Ace Tints for all your window tinting requirements?
There are many benefits to choosing an experienced company, not only that we offer nothing less than an all round professional, hassle free and prompt service, but also that our fully qualified window tinting specialists ensure you receive the best window film application to suit your specific needs, each and every time!

We are happy to discuss any issues you have, priding ourselves on high quality workmanship, sound expert advice at all times, happy and helpful staff and, of course, prompt customer care.
In addition, we pride ourselves on the fact that we stock a large range of premium quality window films suitable for all your Window Tinting needs and lastly, offer an impressive range of window tinting options to those in the Liverpool, Southport and Wigan areas including:

• One-way vision films when you need to be able to see out while others cannot see in (applicable to day time only)
• Mirrored finishes with our chic, silver reflective films.
• Dark, solar control films and window tints which are available in a range of colours and shades to suit your tastes and requirements.
• Frosted or decorative films and window tints to create a stunning opaque finish.

As you can see, Ace Tints have an extensive range of vehicle, commercial and domestic window films suitable for all your window tinting needs in Wigan, Liverpool and Southport.

When you expect the best, our window tinting films are the clear choice – call us on 01695 575914 for more information about how we can satisfy all of your requirements, today.